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    Practice and Theory of Strategy Development Processes

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    Q1 Critically discuss the practice and theory of strategy development processes in your chosen organization( I chose a government subsidy primary school in Hong Kong). In your discussion, include some implications for the "learning organization" concept in relation to strategy development in your chosen organization.

    I. Introduction

    II. Background of (name of a government subsidy primary school in Hong Kong)

    III. Strategy Development Processes

    1. Process of intended strategy development
    - Strategic vision, leadership and command
    - Strategic planning
    - Externally imposed strategies

    2. Processes of emergent strategy development
    - Logical incrementalism
    - Resource allocation routines
    - Cultural processes
    - Political processes

    3. Challenges and implications
    - Intended and realized strategy
    - The learning organization
    - Uncertain and complex conditions

    VI. Conclusion

    Q2 Critically discuss the strategic implications for enhancing your organization strategic capability through organizing, resourcing and change management strategies.

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    A Strategy development process helps the organization to develop a framework or approach and guide the management to establish a criteria for the day to day operations of the company, whether it is small or big (Townsend, n.d.). This process of strategy development assists the organizations to evaluate that where the performance of the company is going and what are the step to be taken by the management to achieve the objectives and goals of the organization (Wheelen & Hunger, 2001). If the management has answers of these two questions, means the path of the organization is purposeful and specific.

    With the help of this paper, the reader would be able to understand the strategy development of process of the PLK HKTA YUEN YUEN Primary School.

    Background of PLK HKTA YUEN YUEN Primary School

    PLK HKTA YUEN YUEN Primary School is one of the best schools in Hong Kong for the primary children. This School provides education till primary to the children with fun and enjoys (School Curriculum, 2010). The school curriculum comprises the basic education with good communication skills in English, Putonghua and Cantonese. There are only 30 students in a class, so that the teachers can concentrate on every student. A part from this the school gives education to the children in sports, drawing, art, craft, entertainment, Chinese, drama etc. (School Activity, 2010; School Curriculum, 2010). This is a government subsidy school and gets support by government of Hong Kong to make its image stronger.

    Strategy Development Process

    Strategy can be described as the process to bring the forces together and develop a favorable environment in the organization to achieve the goals and objectives (Pierce & Robinson, 2004). With the help of strategy development process, the management of PLK HKTA YUEN YUEN Primary School set paths and help the staff to follow the rules and regulations of the school to achieve the mission and vision of the institute (Townsend, n.d.). The Strategy development process of PLK HKTA YUEN YUEN Primary School assists the management to determine the goals as per the core values and vision of the firm under the effective leadership process.

    Process of intended strategy development:

    The strategic development process of the school is based on the growth and development students as well as society. The strategic development process of the PLK HKTA YUEN YUEN Primary School is as follow:
    Strategic vision, leadership and command:

    The vision of the school is to promote the thought that education is a lifelong learning process and the school wants to give education to the children in Hong Kong city that are based on changes and development of new millennium curriculum (Our Vision, 2010). The leaders of the school committed that the school provides simulating atmosphere to the children to enjoy and learn with the feeling of security, where they can show their best skills and gain best knowledge to cop up with the environmental changes and social competition (Our Vision, 2010).

    All the teachers of the school are highly qualified from overseas and local universities (Teaching Staff, 2010). The leadership is handled by the principle of the school and he is the only person who has command to implement new programs and strategies in the institution.

    Strategic planning:

    Strategic planning for the growth and development of the school is an enduring process. The action is identified in the strategic planning are served to focus on the vision of the school and enhancing the achievement of the students to learn and adapt knowledge as much as possible (Wilson & Gilligan, 2005). The strategic planning of this school includes various performance indicators, implementation of training and development programs for both teachers as well as students, allocation of available resources to serve the children with best possible education, allocating budget, etc. (School Plan, 2010).

    Externally imposed strategies:

    In order to make the development process more strong, some are imposed by the external analysts. The School is using balancing approach in the learning field. This approach has eight instructional components such as reading aloud, grammar, listening, speaking, phonics, involvement of community, social and environmental development, etc. (PLK H KTA YUEN YUEN Primary School, 2010).

    It is necessary for the school to evaluation the performance of the staff along with the students, with the help of performance evaluation process.

    Processes of emergent strategy development:

    In order to maintain the continuity of the strategic development plan and growth of the school in crisis, it is integral for school management to implement emergent strategies, which are as follow:

    Logical Incrementalism:

    The strategic development process of PLK HKTA YUEN YUEN Primary School is also based on logical incrementalism. Instead of taking a large jump to become successful, the management of school is using the approach of growing step by step (Quinn, 1978). According to the school development plan, there are mainly four concerns of management, which are academic excellence, integration of both moral and civic activities, enhancing the learning abilities of students, increasing mutual understanding between school and parents (School Development Plan 2008-2009, 2009). This way, the management implements different strategies for different apprehension.

    Resource allocation routines:

    There are wide variety of resources in school regarding the education of students such as well qualified staff ...

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