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Planning Theory vs. Practice

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How does planning theory differ from the practice of planning? What is the major difference between public planning and private planning? List and discuss three theoretical approaches to the process of planning. Which approach do you feel is most effective for urban planners?

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Planning theory is mostly concerned with procedural or substantive frameworks. Planners discuss what they can do based on the knowledge or facts that have been gathered. Planners meet and talk about what they should do so that they can achieve desirable future conditions without allowing contextual differences to control them. Planners are in the best position to define or explain deeper the processes that practitioners do during their practice. Planning theories help the planners identify major problems facing society so that they can anticipate the significant outcomes. Theories of planning guide the practitioners' attention toward their goals, channelling their efforts on developing strategies and appropriate solutions to problems. However, these theories are mostly ...

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This solution discusses
- planning theory and practice of planning explained and differentiated,
- difference between public planning and private planning, and
- three theoretical approaches to the process of planning described
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