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Research Versus Evidence-Based Practice

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What is the differences between research vs. evidence based practice? AND What is the difference between a research study article vs. a plain journal article? Provide examples. 

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The major difference between research and evidence-based practice, is the fact that research is a presently ongoing scientific activity, that is conducted in order to obtain answers about some scientific issue within the health care field etc. In general, research is conducted using quantitative and or qualitative methodology by which to measure the results ...

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Existential approach has some very attractive and effective techniques, however, some people have referred to this theoretical approach as a philosophy, not a treatment. While an argument can be made relative to epistemology and methodology, it is obvious to me that the existential approach has not been subjected to tests (e.g., randomized clinical trials), usually requirements that are needed to meet the criteria for a scientific approach. So my question is how you reconcile the existentialist approach versus an evidence-based treatment, knowing that the psychology field is moving towards the implementation of evidence-based interventions?

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