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    Curriculum Development

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    I have attached a podcast interview for a class. The podcast interview comes from a professor at an IT school who is requiring his class to write questions about the interview and administer a test to students at a school. What I need to do is to create a summary for this assignment.

    Please help me create an outline for a summary and critique. Thanks!

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    I hope this helps.

    Curriculum Development: An interview with ELSIE BELL
    Summary of the main points: (questions and answers)
    1. What is being a Curriculum Director?
    - It is helping teachers define their goals and helping them deliver the course
    2. How do you keep up with your hectic work schedule?/How do you keep tract of them?
    - Excellent Secretary who helps keep track the work
    - Established high Standards/guidelines/rules in Curriculum Development. Standardization helps us organized; it sets priorities
    - Structured Curriculum Models; teachers must work at these models
    3. What is the Difference between Standardization and Academic Freedom?
    Teachers can no longer Hobby Teach. Teachers should now observe certain standards in the practice of their profession. Standardization makes teachers work professionally. They must observe nationally established standards, and those established by the school Occupational Advisory Committee.
    4. What is meant by Hobby Teach? What training should be made in order that new teachers follow standards?
    - Teachers should teach according to the established Standards.
    - Teachers must be familiar with the standards; with what students need to know
    - Teachers must ...

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    a Summary of the podcast interview with a curriculum Director on curriculum review and development