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Java class

Write a Java class that contains 4 instance methods that output information related to your education background, work experience, hobbies and skills. This is meant to represent your Curriculum Vitae. The use of other methods to show any additional information related to your CV (such as affiliation to professional bodies/organizations, etc.) is left to your discretion.

Write an application class which only contains a main method. This class should create an instance of your CV class and should, through a sequence of method calls, cause your CV information to be displayed on the screen (see Figure 1).

Your final answer must consist of two classes (two .java files) described as above. Pay close attention to the specifications!

Remember to write the source code for each class in a separate file which must have the same name as the class name with the extension '.java'. Remember also that by convention, class names commence with a capital letter.

As with all programs you write, you should provide a well-structured solution that is easy to read. You should use meaningful identifier names and should provide useful comments.


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Write a Java class that contains 4 instance methods