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    Compiling and Running a Java Program with TextPad

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    How do I compile this program in Java SDK 1.5.0 with the TextPad application. Please help provide step-by-step how to set this all up. I have used Miracle C before but this seems a little different to me.

    Please see the attached program file.

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    1. Installing the software and javabook Package

    After you download TextPad, install it on your machine following the directions given
    by its installation program.

    2. We assume the following directory structure:

    | |
    | |-----MortgageCalculator.java
    | |-----MortgageCalculatorTest.java

    3 Starting TextPad

    Start TextPad by selecting its program icon in the Start/Program group (or whichever
    group the TextPad icon is located).

    4. Setting the Project Properties:

    In order to ...

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    The solution compiles and runs a Java program with TextPad.