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Java Program Class Members

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Create a Java program that manipulates at least two objects instantiated from the Dog class. Your class must include at least five private attributes, three setter and three getter methods which are the public interface and two constructors. All the class members must be used during your program run. Your program must include the class source code file and a test class file to run the program.

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The expert examines Java program class members.

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The following java program was created to assist with the syntax and structure of the code. This has not been tested on a Java interpreter. The program may need to be modified, according to the specifications of the assignment. This response is intended to be a guide for solving the problem from a conceptual standpoint; there are still many technical issues that must be addressed.

Further information on Java classes can be found at http://www.javadeveloper.co.in/java-example/java-class-example.html.

public class Dog
private String name;
private String owner;
private int age;
private String color;
private String breed;

//constructor with ...

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