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Java Code & Class File

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Java code with comments and class file

Details: You need to write a program that calculates sales tax and total sale amount. The user should be presented with a menu listing four different products. Based upon their choice, the user enters the quantitly that they desire. The program will then calculate the Subtotal, Sales Tax Amount, and Total Sale Amount. The calculations should be performed as follows:

Subtotal = (Price * Quantity)

Sales Tax Amount = Subtotal * Sales Tax Percentage (sales tax percentage should be 7.5%)

Total Sale Amount = Subtotal + Sales Tax Amount

Be sure to use variables to store temporary values. The program should output the product sold, quantity sold, and the calculated values for Subtotal, Sales Tax Amount, and Total Sale Amount.

Java should be used to write your program. Use NotePad to create your Java program. An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) like NetBeans is not necessary and must not be used. Use the Command Prompt window to compile and execute your code.

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Here is the complete executable java program. The main class is in the build folder. This is the ...

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The solution provides a complete executable java program written in Netbeans. The main class is in the build folder. This is the same class file as Main.java, but since this is created by NetBeans, if you open it with either notepad or wordpad it might not show up correctly. Kindly use notepad++ or any other java editor to view the source code with proper format.