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    Identify 3 positions at Macy's: higher level, mid level and lower level

    What methods and techniques does the organization use to recruit for these positions? Are they the same or different for the different levels or types of positions?

    Does the current method provide a diverse talent pool to select the best candidates?

    How effective is the current process at identifying, selecting, and retaining highly talented candidates.

    Then, respond to the following additional questions in the final section, creating a cohesive APA formatted document that addresses

    Analyze whether the current recruitment process supports the development of a motivated workforce.

    What recommendations would you make to senior leaders to improve the process, including any techniques to widen the diversity of the talent pool?

    How would you recommend the organization monitor the effectiveness of its recruitment process?

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    Macy's higher level positions at the corporate level include finance management, operations
    management, and information technology management. Mid-level positions or field level positions
    include marketing, public relations, and planners. Lower level positions include sales associate,
    merchandiser, and in-store security. The organization uses the same method of recruitment for
    positions at all levels. The site for employment information is simply labeled "Opportunities at Macy's"
    (Macysjobs.com, 2013) and appears to be aimed at a general audience of a diverse background. Though
    the language does not imply any application of diversity in the hiring process the message on the
    opportunities page implies that all employees, whether those at top level management or those working
    sales floors with direct customer contact, are important to the successful functioning of the

    The online recruitment process is the same for all positions, including top analyst and auditor
    positions within the firm. An outside vendor search engine and application process is the same for all
    desired positions. However, within its recruitment site are micro-sites that target specific career level
    professionals with a more specific, relevant message related to careers at Macy's. The organization
    allows career minded individuals and job seekers to connect through various social media such as
    Facebook, Linkedin, and twitter. Linkedin appears to be more commonly used as a means of networking
    and recruitment at the higher VP level of the organization, according to a 2008 interview with Macy's
    recruiter Linda Little (Unbridledtalent.com, 2008).

    Macy's claims to embrace employment of a diverse workforce by explaining how diversity
    improves the workplace through innovation and creative thinking. To further support diversity the
    organization has developed a "holistic plan" that promotes diversity in five key areas including supplier
    and community partners (Macy's Inc., 2013). The aim of the plan is to develop an inclusive workforce
    through appreciation of different views and outlooks. Photos of people from diverse age groups, ethnic
    backgrounds seem to support the plan for diversity.

    While recruitment processes appear to support diversity it is further supported by the outlook
    of top level management. CEO Terry Lungdgren suggests diversity is necessary to support the diverse
    customer base and diverse offerings to customers (hr.macys.net, 2013). A diverse workforce brings a
    wide range of views and outlooks to meet demand of a broad consumer base. Therefore, successful
    recruitment through a variety of channels appears to make an effort at effectively recruiting a diverse
    work force. However, some other sites for employee recruitment such as indeed.com contain
    conversations from Macy's applicants that indicate the company may use racist hiring practices in
    several locations throughout the country. Whether the company truly supports racist hiring practices
    or not, it must work harder to improve its public image for all potential employees.

    Training in diversity and cultural sensitivity for all employees in interviewing and hiring positions
    should be mandatory, but with a different approach. Diversity training should spell out what a person
    should or shouldn't say to a ...

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