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    Verizon Case Study: Organizational Culture and Shareholders

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    Please read the Verizon case study in the attached document.
    1. Write a one to two paragraph summary of the case.

    2. The text describes competing values, using that framework as a guide describe Verizon's current organizational culture? Provide examples to support your analysis.

    3. Which of the 11 ways to change an organizational culture identified in the text has Verizon used to create its current culture? Provide examples to support your analysis.

    4. You have been hired as a Human Resource Management Consultant to Verizon. Outline a plan to recruit and retain high-quality employees that will help the company predict future employee needs. Provide examples to support your recommendations.

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    1. Read the case study titled "Verizon is creating a Culture That Focuses on Shareholder Value" and write a one to two paragraph summary of the case.

    It takes a different approach and a different kind of culture to produce different results. Everything from Verizon's open culture, training initiatives and business goals is designed to produce break-through results and promote collaboration. Verizon focused on training initiatives that advanced their strategic business goals. An increase in subject matter experts would result in the company's key initiatives conveyed throughout the organization. Verizon had three chief business goals: "to build a business and workforce as good as it's networks; to lead in shareholder value creation; and to be recognized as an iconic technology company" (Yrizarry, 2013). Verizon aligned their specific priorities with the company's business goals and core values. They were able to establish training priorities across the entire organization.

    Verizon had its sights set of organizational excellence. One of Verizon's major objectives was to create a leadership culture that leads for shareholder value, which was key to the cultural change. CEO, Lowell McAdam spearheaded the 1.5-day program called Leading Shareholder Value (LSV), which was designed to help senior leaders understand how to drive long-term value creation (Yrizarry, 2013). The program was designed to target shareholder importance through reconnoitering Verizon's past performance. According to Freifeld (2013), "Through a blended approach of both lecture and applied, interactive experiential learning, the directors participated in a competitive, customized, and contextualized tabletop board simulation for skills application and practice working in cross-functional, cross-enterprise teams." Employees are trained on new products and technology, giving them the tools necessary to deliver the best customer service on the top leading broadband network. Video/audio ...

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    This is a case study on organizational culture in Verizon.