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Leadership and Change at Verizon under CEO McAdam

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Need some ideas on Leadership and Change at Verizon under CEO McAdam! To what extent do you think the right approach to leadership can help to facilitate large scale organizational change? Focus primarily on the major change that is taking place at Verizon under CEO McAdam.

Some of the issues I need ideas on are: (a) his new vision/goals strategies and how he implements them(think of Wireless); (b) new culture he implements and why (c) culture change; (d) union negotiations; and (e) results of new culture and strategies.

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About company
"Verizon Communications Inc., headquartered in New York, is a Dow 30 company employing a diverse workforce of more than 180,000 dedicated employees around the globe." It is one of the leaders in the communication industry.

Change Management
The change management process "is the sequence of steps or activities that a change management team or project leader would follow to apply change management to a project or change. " Change management process can contain following steps:
1) Identifying the problems/crisis
2) Identifying the important issues, goals of the process including the vision and communicating internally.
3) Organizing the resources to implement the change.
4) Providing the training and inspiring the team.
5) Creating action plan and short term goals.
6) Rewarding and reviewing the process.
http://www.methodframeworks.com/article/change-management-process-accomplishing-change-and-making-it-stick/index.html ...

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712-word look at the nature of organizational change, with particular attention to new vision, goal strategies, new culture implementations, union negotiations and the results. References included.

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Comment of Leadership

Hi, I want make good comment for this topic & Make questions.

1- Please Make comment and Agree (OR) No with (Shery ) about her Executive Summary, the comments not lower than 5 lines.

2- Please Make ONE or TWO Questions on this topic after end the comment . I give you Examples of comments in the end my question. (Look The Examples).

There are all types of leadership. The three CEO's that I choose to research about have their style and way to be successful and accomplish their goal. Each CEO shows his strength thru what he has build from his background and from what he prove to other what he capable of doing. Frederick Smith, CEO of Fed EX. show his clients, employees, and followers that always try to overcome competitive, setback, and financial by all means. A vision of the future is there to guide and deliver packages to increase productivity and become the only one and in the fast delivery field. Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, willing to take chances, inventing, and idea from employees, and followers to open the door to other oppotunities and expland business. He encourages other to take the risk and persue their dream even if it takes a while to get there and not give up. Lowell McAdam, CEO of Verizon Communication, demonstrated his success and influence others by his politeness appearance. His skills, knowledge, and experiences give him the upper hand on leading in the wireless field. His background prove to other the stable and accomplishment path in wireless.
Leadership is all about going and fight for what you think can be done and be successful.


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Verizon(2016)Lowell C. McAdam-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. http://www.verizon.com/about/our-company/lowell-c-mcadam

( Example of comments):

Hello Shery, I agree to the post you are writing about with your leaders you chose. Employee participation is a way to go opportunities in the future for change-oriented attitudes. By this! Attitude change are influences that allows opportunity for growth capacity in the company size, new positions created, and none the least for promotions for high level performances by employees who motivate others in the work environment. Social influences and message-based persuasion, in which create motives that can be identified for attitude change and resistance that involves self, with others for rewards and punishments they give with good understanding of what reality is. persuasion motives have been researched regarding attitude functions and cognitive and effective mechanisms. By social methods, underlying attitude change are embedded in social relationships and social, and it's identity theory and majority/minority group influence.

shery, how effective do you think social participation inside a workplace would be in the influence of followers, and how true do you think this method will work with leader approach to influence change for change agents?


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