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CEO Succession Plan

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Hewlett-Packard has had a series of major leadership (CEO) changes in the last years. Carly Fiorina was replaced by Michael Hurd. More recently Michael Hurd was fired and Leo Apotheker became CEO. And very recently Meg Whitman (formerly EBay CEO) was named CEO of HP. The HP CEO succession has been very frequent and dramatic.
Please answer the following questions in approximately 3 paragraphs each. Please be as detailed as possible:
IS CEO Meg Whiteman an example of internal or external succession at Hewlett-Packard - why or why not?
What happened at HP under the leadership of Leo Apotheker?
Why did Leo Apotheker become the CEO at HP?
How would you describe the most recent succession that occurred at HP?
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I would consider the hiring of Meg Whitman to become CEO of Hewlett-Packard to be an example of external succession. Although she was on the board of directors when appointed to be CEO, she spent most of her corporate career at other companies.

An excellent reference for the topic of CEO succession can be found at:

Meg Whitman went to Harvard business school and became famous as the CEO of eBay and a candidate for Governor of California. Given her expertise in the computing industry and wide political connections, HP felt that she would be a good choice to take over from Leo Apotheker. Since taking over as CEO, Whitman has reaffirmed HP's focus on the Personal Computer. The PC group was considered "too integral" to abandon. The strategy that Whitman has chosen to pursue focuses on the printers and other accessories that revolve around PCs.

Under Leo Apotheker, HP famously lost $30 billion in market capitalization. While Apotheker's term as CEO coincided with the Global Financial ...

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