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Organizational structures and design

I must identify at least two companies that have different organizational structures and design - Dell and Verizon. Can you help me out??
> identify whether the company has been successful or unsuccessful.
> explain how the company used its structure and design to achieve its business objectives.

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Dell utilizes a divisional organizational structure. This structure is based on the different divisions in the organization, and in the example of Dell, further divides the structure into a market structure. A market structure is used to group employees on the basis of the specific market that the company sells in. Dell has different markets worldwide, for example Japan, China and North America. Each market has unique sales, marketing and organizational strategies due to the different product groups. Dell has three distinct global product groups. The first is for the consumer; the second is for commercial client products, desktops and notebooks. The third is for the ...

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Organizational structures and designs are examined.