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Boundary-Less Organizational Design

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A boundary-less organizational design is one where are permeable. The implication is that the vertical, horizontal, external, and geographic boundaries are more favorable to helping one another; thus sharing information and knowledge between business units is more predominant than traditional organizational structures. True or false?

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This is false because it's worded all wrong. A boundary-less organization is not tied to vertical, horizontal, external, or ...

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Complete the matrix below to design your ideal organizational structure.

Please assist with the attached Matrix.
Complete the matrix below to design your ideal organizational structure.

Select one of these five businesses for which you will design an organizational structure:

1. Betty's Baby Boutique
2. Veterans' Memorial Hospital
3. Jupiter Graphic Design
4. DoItYourselfHomeworkProjects.com
5. White Noise Communications

Remember that although this is your business, it would be wise to create an organizational structure that best supports both the needs of the business and its employees.

Design an organizational structure for your chosen business using the table below.

1 <Enter the name of the business you selected here.>

2 Structure (Simple, Bureaucracy, etc.)
<Enter the organizational structure you selected here.>

3 Number of Employees
<Enter an approximate number of employees here.>

4 Work Specialization
<Describe to what degree activities will be subdivided into separate jobs at your business.>

5 Departmentalization
<Describe the basis on which jobs will be grouped together at your business.>

6 Chain of Command
<Describe to whom individuals and groups will report at your business.>

7 Span of Control
<Describe approximately how many individuals a manager will efficiently and effectively direct at your business.>

8 Centralization and Decentralization
<Describe which of the employees and management has decision-making authority.>

9 Formalization
<Describe to what degree rules and regulations will be used to direct employees and managers.>
10 Summary
<Summarize how your employees will respond to your business' organizational structure, and what overall employee behavior will be like.>

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