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transcultural concepts

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What unique characteristics of families require an understanding of  transcultural concepts?  Discuss factors the nurse will need to consider when planning culturally appropriate nursing care.  Use an example from your practice or neighborhood.

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Unique characteristics of families that require an understanding of transcultural concepts are identified.

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Cultural Nursing Care

Unique characteristics of families that require an understanding of transcultural concepts:

Community nurses who have direct access to clients should be aware of the importance of cultural knowledge in maintaining and promoting health. Community work sites, employers, churches and family members need to be involved in supporting education and health promotion program by the use of networks that already exist. For example, a health education program about breast self examination can be established at a work site that mostly employs women. A display could be set up in any dining room, cafeteria or other accessible site (College of nurses of Ontario, 2000).

The Afghan community in the United States requires that nurses assess cultural factors such as cultural health practices and beliefs, language use, family patterns and roles, religious practices and kinship. The composition of other immigrant communities and refugee requires that nurses should study and interpret cultural data and understand how these data influence wellness and health. Any attempt to address some of the community?s health problems or attempt to bring health care services to the community must take into account the tremendous diversity within the whole community. This requires ingenuity and flexibility on the part of health care professionals (College of nurses of Ontario, 2000).

Health messages are more readily accepted if they do not conflict with the existing cultural beliefs. Nurses do not ...

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