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Models of Ethical Decison making

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1.compare and contrast the feminist model of ethical decision making with the transcultural integrative model of ethical decision making

2. which method applies to the attached to this case and why:

The Case of Sheila and Mark

Sheila and her husband Mark have set up an appointment to meet with you regarding some recent problems in their relationship. They have been married for the past 12 years, but have recently been experiencing stress. They have two children, Trudy age 10, and Roger, age 8. Both Sheila and Roger disagree on what constitutes appropriate behavior for the children. Additionally, Marks's mom lives directly behind them and frequently comes over to their house and freely expresses her opinion on how she thinks the children should be raised. Often times, the mother is very negative about Sheila in front of Mark and the children. Mark has yet to stand up to his mother on behalf of Sheila.

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Ethical decision making

A Feminist ethical decision-making framework is based on the understanding of power within diverse contexts as well as within the therapeutic relationship. The model consists of creating a climate in which a client can feel empowered. The model takes into account the emotional-intuitive responses of the therapist as well as the location of the therapist, client, and consultant in the social context. The model includes the client in the decision-making process based on Feminists principles. One principle holds that gender inequity exists as a source of oppression to individuals and society. The model is constructed upon values, beliefs and factors associated with gender, race, class, sexual preferences, health and reproductive issues and the ethical dilemmas their clients face. The Feminist decision-making model is based upon the principle ...

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This solution compares a Feminist ethical decision-making framework is focused on the understanding of power within diverse contexts as well as within the therapeutic relationship, and theTranscultural Integrative Ethical Decision-Making Model (TIEDM) that addresses the need for including cultural factors in the process of all ethical dilemma resolutions.

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