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Prenatal and Post-Partum Scenario

Assume the role of a developmental psychologist that has been asked to provide advice to a 6-month pregnant woman and a postpartum woman. Prepare a memo in which you address the following items:

a. Provide each woman with a daily activity list consisting of three to five activities that you believe will positively affect their infant's future development. If necessary, provide a time frame within the lists.

b. Provide an explanation of why you selected each activity and how it can contribute to the prenatal, postpartum, and future development of each woman's child. Be sure that your explanation is based on developmental theory.

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Pre Natal and Post Partum

According to the development theory, the children's thinking does not develop fully in a very smooth pattern. There are some points at which their thinking "takes off" and shifts into entirely new areas and abilities. These transitions occur at about different stages, such as 18 months, 7 years and 11 or 12 years. It implies that before these ages, the children are not able to understand the things in certain ways and it has also been used for programming the school curriculum.

Daily activity list for pre natal women (6-month pregnant woman)

A 6-month pregnant woman should read good books, listen to good music and watch good movies so that she feels relaxed and think positive. The positive thoughts and activities ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 504 Words, APA Reference