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    Construct Validity

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    Please define construct validity. Explain how you might assess the construct validity of a measure for depression, aggression, or anxiety. Finally, explain the influence of reliability of this measure on the magnitude of its validity. Please use scholarly sources, such as journals as referencing materials. Thank you for your help.

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    A psychological construct is a skill, attribute or ability which occurs in the human brain and is defined by theories that have been established. Proficiency of the English language is a construct that exists in theory and has been observed in practice. Construct validity is defined as an experimental showing of a test measuring what it claims to be measuring (Brown, 2000).

    According to Lund Research (2012) in order to study post natal depression in new mothers the participants were asked to complete a 10 ...

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    This solution of 305 words defines construct validity and its measurement for depression, aggression or anxiety. It also explains the reliability of the measure. References used are included.