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Measurements and Tests - Reliability and Validity

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1. How does an assessment of the internal consistency of a measure relate to its construct validity?
2. While we all agree that there is a close relationship between reliability and validity, can you have reliability that doesn't in fact inform the validity assertions of your construct?

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The measurements and tests for reliability and validity is examined.

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To understand these questions you first have to understand the terms being used.

1. How does an assessment of the internal consistency of a measure relate to its construct validity?

Internal Consistency: is a measurement of items in a test (or subtest) that are suppose to reference the same general concept or construct and the degree to which they are able to produce similar results. For example, in constructing a survey that tries to measure to some degree stress levels in the client or population of interest, internal consistency is achieved if the items "I feel stress at least once a week" and "I regularly feel stressed" can both be consistently answered one way, while the statement "I never feel stressed" is consistently answered the opposite. If they produced the same answer, a ...

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