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Mental Measurements Yearbook

Intelligence Definition and Measurement Paper

Select two assessments of intelligence and two achievement tests.

Fill in the cells in the table provided in the next message.


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Intelligence Measure 1 Intelligence Measure 2 Achievement Measure 1 Achievement Measure 2
Publication Date 2003 1939-2008 2001 2004
Purpose The test is designed to measure the intellectual ability in children and in essence help identify key cognitive weaknesses and strengths related to attention disorders, learning disabilities, giftedness and executive function in children Designed to assess the cognitive ability of young adults and adults. Designed to assess academic achievement in children and young adults Provides information of the performance of students based in nationally set standards
Administration (Group or Individual?) Individual Individual Individual or Group Group
Population (Whom the test is appropriate for) Children ages 6:0 to 16:11 Adults ages 16-0 to 90-11 Children aged 5 to 17, and young adults aged 18-24 Kindergarten to Grade 12
What Constructs Are Measured? (What scores, scales, dimensions, or factors does the test report?) These tests are used for measuring ability in different cognitive skills, spatial and reasoning skills These tests are used for measures general intelligence in different cognitive skills, spatial and reasoning skills These tests are used to assess the nonverbal reasoning, oral expression, mathematics, reading and written comprehension and listening Critical analysis and strategies; reasoning and problem solving; mathematics testing; cognitive ability, comprehension

Reliability Information (summary of information from MMY - give numbers if available) (don't leave blank) Scores showed a test-retest stability ...

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