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    Dominican American culture overview

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    Research a specific cultural group with which you are unfamiliar.

    Describe some of the characteristics that make this a cultural group.
    Give specific examples of how members of your chosen culture experience prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.
    Identify strategies you could use to practice cultural competency with the group you researched.

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    1. Another source comments on some traits indicative of this group:

    DURÁN-ALMARZA, E. M. (2012). Ciguapas in New York: Transcultural Ethnicity and Transracialization in Dominican American Performance. Journal Of American Studies, 46(1), 139-153.

    The author commends he Dominican American community in New York, in particular, as "...perhaps one of the best examples of how processes of transculturation are affecting traditional definitions of ethnic identification. Given the intense economic, social and cultural transnational exchanges between the island and the USA from the 1960s, Dominicanyorks have been challenging the illusion of homogeneity in the definition of Americanness for decades, creating transnational social networks that transcend traditional national and ethnographic boundaries" (139).

    Rodríguez, T. (2009). Dominicanas entre La Gran Manzana y Quisqueya1: Family, Schooling, and Language Learning in a Transnational Context. High School Journal, 92(4), 16-33.

    The author labels how a strong sense of racial pride permeates ...

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    400 words of notes and references (article reviews) briefly offer some basic cultural characteristics that make this a cultural group.