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SWOT Analysis of Different Countries

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I am doing a research paper and need some help with a SWOT Analysis for the following countries (please provide resources):


-Economic strengths of the country ( cost of labor, ..... )
-Current weaknesses / problems ( infrastructure, legal system,.... )
-Current possible market opportunities ( medical equipment, .... )
-Threats to economic stability in the future ( regional disputes, ..... )

?Cultural Issues

-Cultural Conflicts: Tribal Influences, Ethnic or Religious Tensions, etc.
-Various religions, fundamentalist movements, or peaceful coexistence, etc.
-Languages spoken
-Cultural differences towards business values
-Cultural taboos
-Discussion topics

?Business Travel Tips

-Advertising taboos

?Internet Marketing (Infrastructure development & growth) Issues

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SWOT Analysis of Different Countries
Economic strengths of the country
Tourism and mining are the economic strengths of Jamaica. Both of these sectors are main earners of foreign exchange. Communication system of the country is highly developed.
There are significant problems in the financial sector of Jamaica which has a serious impact on GDP. Another problem is the increase in international drug trade due to globalization.
Current possible market opportunities
There are huge business opportunities in various sectors as mining, telecommunications, mining. Agriculture and manufacturing sectors have high growth and can contribute to GDP. (Culture of Jamaica, 2007)
There are five major areas are: High level of violence, terrorism, military and paramilitary threats and socio-economic threats. Socio economic includes border security, smuggling.
Cultural Issues
Cultural Conflicts
Jamaica has a rich and unique culture. People having black skin are thought of lazy and untrustworthy.
Various religions
More than 50% of the people are Christians due to Christian leadership. Other religions in Jamaica are Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism. Religious movement, Rastafari is found in Jamaica (Rastafari movement). (Culture of Jamaica, 2007)
Languages spoken
English the official language of the country. Others are African language as Yoruba, European languages as Spanish, French.
Cultural differences towards business values
In business, appointments are given importance and one has to confirm the meetings in advance. For the long term success of an individual, networking and maintaining the relationship is essential. (Jamaica - Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette)
Cultural taboos
The strongest cultural taboo in Jamaica is homosexuality.
Discussion Topics
The main discussion topic is fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS. Jamaica is fighting against the disease through partnership with private sector companies and local group.
Business Travel Tips
Bribery may or may not be expected but one should not put all the cards at one time.
High pressure sales technique should be avoided and business people of Jamaica give much importance to relationship than rules. Hierarchy is followed in the business and decisions is made b y the person having highest authority. Bargaining is considered normal in this country and it is expected.
Advertising taboos
Jamaican government makes huge investment on advertisement. It is easy to advertise in the country and quite effective.
Internet Marketing (Infrastructure development & growth) Issues
In 2000, there were 1067000 users of internet. In this island, Fibre optic and wireless broadband technology has been established recently. Internet marketing, website design is provided many companies in Jamaica.
Dominican Republic
Economic strengths of the country
The economic strength of the country is agriculture and natural resources. Tourism is also the strong point as it has high earnings.
There is energy shortage in Dominican Republic and services related to electricity are a big problem. The country is suffering from a serious problem of mismanagement and corruption.
Current Possible Market Opportunities
There are opportunities in terms of providing energy services and in agriculture sector.
The services sector is also experiencing a fast growth.
The major threat to the country is drug trafficking. Crimes are increasing and there is rise in prostitution in the country. Tourists are harming the culture of the country.
Cultural Issues
Cultural Conflicts
There are many differences in education and class of people which separates different groups.
Various religions

The official religion of the Dominican Republic is Roman Catholicism, which was established by an agreement with the Vatican. In modern times, Protestant and non-Christian group such as Jews and Muslims have experienced a population boom in the modern time period.
Languages spoken
The official Language spoken in the Dominican Republic is Spanish. The other languages which are spoken in the Dominican Republic are English and French.
Cultural differences towards business values
Personal contacts and networking are important in business and the country has informal business culture. Relationships are based on trust and the society is status conscious.
Cultural Taboos
People have tiles floor and there is no custom to open the shoes when entering in house. The host possession should be given complement.
Discussion Topics
The current issues in the Dominican Republic are shortages of water; soil is eroding into the sea that damages coral reefs and deforestation.
Business Travel Tips
Extravagant gifts should not be given, only a small gift from the home country is right for the hosts.
Dominicans first want to know and understand the people before doing business negotiation is considered good and relationships is more important than business. People in this country are skilled in negotiation.
Advertising Taboos
There is no ban on advertising in Dominican Republic.
Internet marketing
There are 2100000 internet users in the country. The internet services are available only in metropolitan areas and have high cost. The services are such that it cannot be relied upon.
Economic Strength
With a stable population, an average GDP growth rate of around 5% in the forecast period will bring significant improvements in living standards. Higher consumer spending and state investment will provide momentum for the businesses.
Through direct and indirect instruments, there is realignment of prices, wages and exchange rates. As there is an increase in real wages in 2008 and a revaluation of the unofficial value of the Cuban peso in 2009, both these adjustments will serve to increase real consumer spending. The fiscal deficit will remain at 3-4% of GDP, which can be considered ideal for the businesses.
Acute shortage of hard currency, price fluctuations and collapse of sugar industry are the prevalent weaknesses in Cuban economy. Difficult terms of trade and weak legal framework discourage investment. Fuel, fertilizers, spare parts, and other inputs are in shortage in Cuba. Infrastructure ...

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