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    Fiat Group SWOT Analysis, Situation, Corporate Governance

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    Please research the Fiat Group and prepare a SWOT Analysis
    as well as a few paragraphs addressing their:

    Current Situation and Corporate Governance.


    Please site all references.

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    Fiat Group SWOT Analysis

    The Fiat Group is the most expectant industrial enterprise in Italy and one of the beginners of the European motor industry. From the time of its establishment, the company had a strong tendency for global elaboration and invention. Fiat Group is an automotive-centred industrial Group and it designs and makes up automobiles, trucks, wheel loaders, excavators, tractors and combine harvesters.

    This group undertake its industrial and financial services activities throughout the companies that are positioned in 50 countries and commercial associations with customers in over 190 countries (Fiat Group at a Glance, 2009). This group is primarily engrossed in the manufacturing and distribution of automobiles, agricultural and construction instrumentation and commercial vehicles and parts for all these products.

    With an all-inclusive presence in international markets and effective operations Fiat group embraces various strengths', weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are as follows:

    ? Fiat Group is the largest industrial enterprise in Italy.
    ? The group also provides financial services.
    ? Fiat is a diversified industrial group.
    ? It is operating all ...

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