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Strategic Audit: Amazon.com

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Need help in producing a "Strategic Audit" for the Amazon.com case. Please view the attached files for reference.

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Strategic Audit Heading

(+) Factors
(-) Factors
I. Current Situation
A. Past Corporate Performance Indexes
Corporate governance quotient of Russell 3000 companies is better than 86.3% Corporate governance quotient of retailing companies is better than 79,6% The corporate governance quotient is extremely low in case of retailing companies. Amazon.com should be among the top retailing companies in the world.
B. Strategic Posture
Current Mission
Current Objectives
Current Strategies
Current Policies
It has launched a search engine a9.com, a movie database imdb.com and even a Mechanical Turk at mturk.com The company is not having any strategic direction and is having an amoebic movement. Its policies do not align with its strategic goals. This weak strategy of Amazon.com is reflected in falling profitability even though its sales are increasing.
SWOT Analysis Begins:
II. Corporate Governance
A. Board of Directors If we look at the insider roster then most of the board of directors are shareholders of the company. If we take a look at the insider roster almost every one has sold their stocks in the recent past. It is not understood why most of the directors and officers who are shareholders have sold their shares. Have they lost confidence in Amazon.com? Or does it mean that they had information that the profits of the company are likely to fall and this would adversely affect share prices?
B. Top Management Jeffrey P. Bezos, founder, Chairman is a model and leader for the Seattle office. Other top managers provide indifferent leadership. The top management has helped Amazon.com to the position it is now in but it does not provide the inspirational leadership that is so essential to power such a large retail enterprise.
III. External Environment (EFAS):
Opportunities and Threats(SWOT)
A. Societal Environment Potential customers have become more used to making their purchases online. Customers are wary of retail websites that do not deliver. They view the system with ...

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Strategic Audit for Amazon.com is presented in great detail in this solution.

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For your final group project, perform a close reading of Case 10 "Amazon.com: An E-Commerce Retailer," (pages 10-1 through 10-22).

Using the guidelines established in Chapter 15 of your text, produce a "Strategic Audit" for the Amazon.com case. As you produce your Strategic Audit, make sure to include all eight sections.

Can you please help me the strategic audit, as I am having difficulty with figuring this out?

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