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Human Resource Management (HRM) and a Nursing Home

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How would HRM in a health care organization actually "operate" some of these HRM duties?

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This solution explains how a health care organization would actually "operate" HR duties. Thirteen HRM duties are identified and discussed.

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1. How would HRM in a health care organization actually "operate" some of these duties?

Human Resources Management i(HRM) in a health care organization actually "operate" some of these necessary duties in the following way:

1. Administer Employee Recognition and Awards Programs
Administer special advancements and cash awards for exceptional employees. Provide appropriate forms of recognition for individuals and groups of employees who contribute in support of organizational goals and objectives.

2. Administer Personnel Benefits
Develop employee benefit packages and programs. Actually administer their delivery to the nursing home personnel.

3. Conduct Employee Performance Appraisals
Assess the overall quality of work for individual employees consistent with job specifications and performance ...

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