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    Nursing shortage

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    With an existing national nursing shortage (also expected to climb), successful recruitment and retaining of nurses is very important for healthcare organizations. Please discuss how each of the HRM functions (planning, recruiting, selecting, training, utilizing, and rewarding) should be used for the purpose of appropriate nurse staffing from the perspective of a nurse manager.

    HRM - General: Click here for a Power Point presentation introducing the general area of human resource management.

    Jeremye D Cohen. (2006). The Aging Nursing Workforce: How to Retain Experienced Nurses. Journal of Healthcare Management, 51(4), 233-45.

    HRM - Supplementary Reading Material: Go to HRM Guide Network. This site has a tremendous number of articles on human resource management. No need to read all of them, just pick out a few that you find interesting or useful.

    HRM - Supplementary Reading Material: Nemetz-Mills, P. (nd). Motivation and Rewards. Retrieved Feb. 2011, from: http://www.cbpa.ewu.edu/~pnemetzmills/326ch13.html.

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    Nursing shortage is in a new phase. In the past the waves of highs and lows were in

    fluctuation due to increase and decrease in nursing school enrollment and attempts by

    organizations to keep their staffing within control. As patient census would rise, there would be

    an obvious shortage of nursing staff to take care of the patients in the hospitals. Human

    Resources Management (HRM) had difficulty trying to make control the number of staff needed

    to take care of the average census. Some days were light but many days were busy and staff's

    perception was that they were always short of nursing staff. Eventual HRM began to use models

    to predict staffing and used these to assist staff in managing day to day up to yearly needs for

    nurses (Clark & Allison-Jones, 2011).


    Recruiting staff is a key to keeping good employees. Just filling positions can be a

    disaster if the employee is an unsatisfactory nurse or leaves after orientation. It is important to

    take time to look into the history of a new employee. Recruiting can be very expensive and

    sometimes the best recruiters are your own employees. They want to work with good nurses and

    will recommend someone who has a quality work history and will make them look good.

    Recruitment fairs at local university where there may potential baccalaureate or master's

    prepared nurses can be a pool nurses with professional skills ...

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