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Nursing profession's current and future international role

Describe the impact of the global nursing shortage on the future of the health care organizations in the United States and nursing leader skills and knowledge required to support cultural diversity in the workforce

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The impact that the global nursing shortage has on the future of healthcare in the United States is stark as this shortage represents a global challenge that could potentially cause patients to suffer as a result of the healthcare workforce not being sufficiently prepared to deal with the emerging healthcare needs of the 21st century. Each country has been impacted by this nursing shortage with numerous factors contributing to this shortage including "brain drain", lack of transferability in regard to certificates and degrees obtained, and other factors that contribute to the shortage that has been matriculating for the last 3 decades. To sufficiently understand the essence of the shortage, (you) must first possess an understanding of the definition of a nursing shortage, which is typically measured in regard to a country's historical staffing levels, resources and estimates of demand for healthcare services. Absolute and relative terms are also used to describe the extent of the shortage within a country. The term absolute shortage describes nursing shortages that ...

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This solution goes into detail about how the role of nurses on a global scale is in a period of transition in terms of cultural diversity.