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    Windows 2003 Server

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    Details: In a Windows 2003 server network discuss several devices such as: repeaters, routers, hubs, and gateways. What are the functions for those devices? At which layer(s) of the OSI model do those devices operate?

    Objective: Discuss how to implement, manage and maintain network configuration including IP addressing and name resolution
    Describe how to administer resources.

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    Repeaters are devices that "repeat", as their name suggests, the incoming data bits and retransmit them. What repeaters do is when they receive the incoming signal, they will clean up the signal to remove unwanted signals such as noise and interference that are attached to the signals, and they will buffer up the data to boost up the signals after encountering losses along transmission. They will then retransmit them to the next network device, possibly another repeater or another type of network device. ...

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