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Question about Training Program

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Question 1

You are the Training Director of the HR Department. Julie, the manager of your Customer Service Unit, has come to see you. She feels that her staff does not do a very good job of interacting professionally with customers when they call in with product complaints. She feels they need some training in customer service skills. 400 word max Short simple answer.

Develop a training plan for the scenario, addressing the following questions and issues:

1. How will you handle Julie's request?

2. What data will you gather?

3. How will you determine if this is indeed a problem that can be solved with training?

4. Then, assuming that the needs analysis led you to the conclusion that training in customer service skills is needed, decide on a particular skill on which you want to initiate training for the Customer Service staff.

5. Outline a training program that would build that skill, which includes the following:

a. The training objective. (What will the training accomplish?)

b. The instructional methodology. (Explain why you chose the particular methodology.)

c. The estimated time to complete each step of the training and the entire training one time for all trainees.

d. The post-training skill assessment methodology. (How will you know the training worked?)

Question 2

Following are some training method(s):

computer-based training
on-the-job training
programmed learning
Or if you can think of a training method not listed please add.

Determine the strengths, limitations, best uses for each training method, such as the type and size of organization, type of training, number of trainees, experience level of trainees, etc. 400 word max simple answer.

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Handling Julie's Request
Julie has expressed a need for training the customer service unit in communication skills and handling escalated issues. Based on her explanations, the best way to handle her request is to help devise a training program for the staff which will focus on soft skills (i.e. de-escalating customers, addressing complaints in a positive, professional manner, and developing communication skills).
Gathering Data
The best way to gather data at first is by instituting a customer satisfaction survey in which a determination of exactly which skills need to be worked on and which customer service representatives need the training. Another way to gather data is to silent monitor the staff in their actual conversations with the customer. This will give us both sides of the conversation which will allow for training opportunities for the customer service representative.
Determining the Need for Training
After reviewing the surveys and the silent monitoring calls, it will be apparent where the staff's training needs are.
Training Objectives
? Develop staff's interactions and verbiage with clients.
? Develop product knowledge in order to assist staff to effectively address the client's needs and concerns
? Develop skills in the area of communication ...

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This solution addresses an HR training issue, specifically developing a training plan for the scenario presented and how it will be handled.

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