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    Training Article Critique

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    Find the article, "Training is the Answer... But what was the Question?" by Rob Rosner, May 1999 (This author may also be found under Bob Rosner in some research databases).

    This article examines the usefulness of training.

    After reading the article, write a brief summary and answer the following questions:
    ? What is the author's main point?
    ? Is training always an effective solution? Why, or why not? What evidence supports the main point?
    ? What is your opinion of the article? Do you agree with the author? Why, or why not?
    ? What evidence from the textbook or other sources supports your opinion?
    ? How does the article support the course?

    Use these guidelines to prepare your Article Critique:
    ? It must be at least three pages in length.
    ? Identify main topic/question.
    ? Identify the intended audience.
    ? Summarize the article for page one.
    ? Think critically about the article and how it applies to the course for pages two and three.

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    Main Topic of Article
    The main topic of this article is identifying the need and importance of training in an organization. Bob Rosner explains whether the training can be an investment or can be waste of money (Rosner, 1999). It describes the requirement of training and the outcome of the training.

    Intended Audience
    In this case, intended audiences are workforce, panel of experts, management and organizations as they can use this article to determine the appropriateness of training within the organization. This article helps them to understand the requirement and effectiveness of training to solve the problems and improve the performance of the organization.

    Summary of Article
    This article includes twenty questions and answers about the training to represent that training really works. The author, Bob Rosner, included the statements of several authors and experts about what they are thinking on training. It explains that the training is effective to solve the real problems. Training improves the skills and knowledge of employees, so they are able to address problems more effectively (Rosner, 1999). All leaders need continuous training programs to improve the performance of their teams. The most effective training program is to train the employees about new technology or environments, so they can handle the situation/problem.
    Bob Rosner indicates that training targets the upper-level managers who supervise the company's operations and the employees or workers who run the company's operations every day. Through training programs, the organization targets the different level of employees, departments or divisions to improve the overall performance of them. Organizations provide training for employees in three ways: reward, punishment and a way to get rid of someone (Rosner, 1999). Training changes the behavior, ...

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