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    Employee engagement article

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    Select an article based on the topic of employee engagement or Management's Ethical Responsibility to Employees. Review the article using the following format with the headings indicated in bold below:


    2.Summary: focus on the author's main points.

    3.Critique: how the article influenced understanding of the topic.

    4.Application: Discuss how you would apply what you have learned from the article in a professional setting. How does the article relate to real world applications or a business? Include how you might share information in the article with colleagues or a supervisor? In addition, please indicate how would this information change the way you approach a situation, project, or discussion related to this topic at work? What did you find interesting or insightful?

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    I am providing an article and some information. You will want to review the article (it is easy to read) and add other information that will apply in your class.

    1.Citation:Williams, J. H. (2008) Employee Engagement. Professional Safety. 53(12), 40-45.

    2.Summary: focus on the author's main points.
    The author is focusing on safety as an important space for employees to engage. Employees who work in safe conditions tend to be happier and companies need to find ways to hire, train, and keep employees engaged in a safety culture. Finding the right employees and training them includes looking for people who are conscientious about safety. Cultivating safety behaviors is important for the employees and the company, helping to identify when safety issues arise and help employees watch out for others' in terms of safety.
    The article includes some ways companies are engaging employees in the safety ...

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    A review and critique of the article on employee engagement.