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    Community involvement in development of program budgets

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    Discuss three possible reasons for reluctance on the part of program planners to share or allow community members to assist in the development of program budgets.

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    I have discussed below possible reasons not to include the community in the planning process for a program budget. Please let me know if you have doubts or if I can help you in any other way.

    Community coalitions are essential to the success of any health care program. Key stakeholders are often invited to share ideas, establish planning processes and identify the immediate, intermediate or long term health care needs of the community. Work groups or focus groups can be formed to identify key initiatives and strategies to address such needs. This process ensures that the institution/organization efforts and funds get use in the areas that will not only provide greater benefit to the community but create the greater impact on their health. These inclusion practices also provide an entry door to the community with a truth worthy voice that facilitates the implementation of health programs and services. Once the key initiatives, strategies and goals are established, begins the process to develop the budget for the programs or programs to address them.

    For any organization and especially during these past years, planning a program budget has proven difficult due to cuts on ...

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    The solution involves discussion of possible reasons when it is not on the best interest of the program planners to allow community members to participate in the development of program budget.