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    Employee Relations Plan

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    Human Resources Processes and Systems - Applications·
    Analyze the elements of effective retention and career processes.
    · Design elements of effective employee relations program.
    · Examine the elements of an appropriate risk management program.
    · Identify the applications of information provided by a Human

    Employee Relations Plan
    Prepare a 1,200-1,800-word paper designing elements of an employee relations program from an organization of your choice. Identify policy implications, the goals of the program, how these goals support corporate goals, and the cost and benefits of implementing and maintaining the plan. Include these topics at minimum:
    a. Employee rights and employee relations
    b. Federal, state, and foreign regulatory compliance
    c. Wellness programs, including employee assistance programs
    d. Benefits (other than wellness programs)
    e. Health and safety
    f. Work/life balance issues

    APA format, conclusion, and references

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    //Before writing about the design of the 'Employee Relation Program', it is necessary to gain knowledge about the main concept of the program. one should know about the key dimensions of this program, which further will assist in designing a promising Employee Relation Program for the chosen Organization.//

    Employee Relation Program

    Employee Relation Program is aimed to foster harmony among the management and the employees of the organization. It is developed to enhance the trust and healthy relationship between the organization and the employees. It also is developed to improve the work quality of the business organization. This program is developed to retain the employees for a long run (Overview, 2004).

    //Above is the discussion of the Employee Relation Program. Moving to the next directions, explanation about the 'Elements of an Employee Relation Program' is to be discussed.//

    Elements of an Employee Relation Program

    There are various key components of an Employee Relation Program, which are significant to promote a 'feel- good' tendency among the employees of the firm. These are as follow:

    Employee Recognition Program: In this element, performance of the employees is recognized by giving them awards according to their accomplishments. Performance of employees is linked with the awards, by the organization. Excellent services provided by the employees for the organization are firstly recognized and thereafter, awards are being given by the corporation. This can be done by giving the outstanding performers different benefits such as royalties, stocks and equity.

    Employee Assistance Program: This program is developed to preserve the valuable resources. Employees are helped by the organization in matter of illness and drug abuse. Their health related problems are considered by the organization. Also, they are provided similar recognition and opportunity by the corporation. If employees are going through a personal problem due to the family members, they are assisted by the counselor of the organization. All the health related expenses are incurred by the firm to support the employees in their difficulties.

    Job Relations Counseling: It is related to the job counseling of the employees. Employees are counseled about the issues, which are directly or indirectly linked to their job such as salary, work hours, appraisal and job profile, etc are discussed by the counselor of the organization.

    Conflict Resolution and Avoidance: In this element, conflicts existing among the employees are resolved by the experts present in the organizations. Where possible, conflicts are avoided by the Management (Employee Relation).

    Employee Suggestion System: In this factor, suggestions of the employees are taken and considered, while formulating any of the new policies or program.

    Policy Interpretation: Policy developed for the 'Employee Relation Program' is interpreted in this element.

    Grievance Processing for Staff Employees: Employee grievance is handled in this element by identifying and assessing the level of employee grievance. This is peer- review process, which is performed in a sequential manner, by the Management of the organization.

    //Above we have elucidated upon the elements of the Employee Relation Program. Now, as per the guidelines, explanation about the elements of a 'Risk Management Program' is to be focused upon. //

    Elements of a 'Risk Management Program'

    Risk Management Programs are developed to minimize and control risks for the business firms, which may affect the performance and productivity. There are various elements of these programs. Risk Management Programs require an in-depth ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 2187 words with references.