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Write a memo explaining the pension plan to new employees

Given the attached information file:

You are the staff relations officer in your firm. It is your task to explain the firm pension plan to the new employees:

(see attached)

Write the memo to a new employee outlining this information clearly. In addition, indicate if there is any information that you need from the employee. This memo is personalized for each employee - not a mass mailing ...


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From: Susannah Price To: Mr. Drake Simpson, Engineer
(Officer, Staff Relations)

The following are the features of the pension plan offered by our company Segue Enterprises to all its employees.

What you pay:
You pay 3% of your salary that is $60,000 per year that is $1800 per year. This percentage will continue till you hit $70,000 per year when your greatest contribution will be $2,100. Even after your salary rises above $70,000, your payment will remain fixed at $2,100. This is because $2,100 is the upper limit that is contributed by the ...

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