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    HR Plan

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    How will staffing, compensation, employee relations, training, and performance management need to be accounted for differently in the HR plan?

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    Consider staffing as the central cornerstone of any HR department within a company that strives for accomplishing the daily tasks of responsibilities needed. Thus, the staffing plays a major role in performance management protocols to assure "business continuity" that sustains operations. The HR plan is therefore centered around the staffing model (i.e., recruitment, assessment on skills or development skills sets, etc. Management is key for formulating the correct HR plan to facilitate their department assigned areas on securing talented (skill sets) of staffing appropriate for the overall production required. Keep in mind, staffing levels additionally plays a major role in company's budgets to expand or reduce other internal initiatives (try and think on terms of training, increasing department processes for productivity) and external initiatives, such as:

    - Company marketplace position due to skilled staff teams creating and innovative ...

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    The review into creating a HR plan that entails, employee relations, staffing, performance management, and training.