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    Employment Email Goodwill and Routine

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    Pretend you are a currently employed professional wanting to change careers. Search at an employment website (such as Monster.com, usajobs.gov, etc.) and find a job opening that interests you.

    Write a generic email, using principles from routine and goodwill emails, to inquire about your desired position. You may ask questions related to application procedures, deadlines, references, or any other detail. The objective of this email is to build rapport with the company and notify them of your interest, and the possibility you may be submitting an application later on.

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    The job posting is one I randomly chose. I am not sure what your desired profession is after completion of your studies. Hopefully this will guide you in searching for completion of this assignment.

    Job link: https://capitalonecareers.com
    From that link you choose the desired position and location. Again, I have chosen randomly. I chose Orlando Florida. The job title is AVP Relationship Manager.

    Routine Email to prospective employer:

    To: Capital One Human Resources
    From: Your name
    Position: AVP Relationship Manager

    Good afternoon, I am writing you to obtain information on a employment ...

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