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    Business Communication

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    Learning by Doing

    A nice aspect of a course in business communication is that you can learn by doing. In business communication, you can actually create real communications (such as emails, letters, memos, etc.) and see how they work out in real life. In the TUI tradition of creating Session Long Projects that actually apply to your life and work, we ask you to create a communication for the organization you are in.

    The Assignment

    Write one routine email and one goodwill email for the organization you are in. You can make up the content, or you can write real ones. After you've written them, analyze them, identifying all the principles for creating good news messages, routine messages and emails that it embodies. This should be three or more pages long.

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    Routine e-mail:
    - May Hashemite
    Message from the Secretary of Executive Committee,
    Spindlier & Company, Minneapolis,
    To, the members of the Executive Committee,

    This is to announce that the monthly meeting of the Executive Committee meeting will be held on February, 4th Monday at the Board Room at 9.00 am.

    The agenda for the meeting will be:
    1. Discussion on the new purchase policy of the company;
    2. The infrastructure requirements for achieving the new sales targets;
    3. New specifications for project team formation;
    4. The implementation of control measures for cash expenses.
    5. Any other matter with the permission of the chair;

    All the members of the Executive Committee are requested to attend the meeting;

    - May Hashemite
    January 22, 2008.

    Goodwill e-mail:

    - May Hashemite
    Message from the Secretary of Executive Committee,
    Spindlier & Company, Minneapolis,
    To, all employees of Spindlier & Company,

    I welcome you all on the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of Spindlier & Company. I really would have liked to attend the celebration myself, but as I am currently accompanying a sales team to ...

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