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Apply job evaluation to your current job.

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Exhibit 5.14 in your text offers a sample job evaluation for for a bookstore manager. Apply this job evaluation to your current job or a previous one.

At the top of the forum identify the job and give a one sentence description of the job responsibility and context of the business. Also, describe the business in one sentence.

Job - Co-Manager - Walmart

Of the four compensable factors, assign a weighting to Each for the job.

Evaluate the relative degree for each on a scale of 1 to 5. Prepare a table. (excel)

Repeat this analysis for the next level above and below your evaluated position.

Job above- Store manager
Job Below- Assistant Manager

In a paragraph, describe how much variance you see between the three positions.

Please I need three tables in excel for the three positions, degree ratings and variance between positions.

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