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Understanding Polarities and Polarity Manangement

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1. Polarities and polarity management
A. Educate your reader on polarity management. Show you understand polarities and polarity management.
2. The Polarity Map
A. Create a map of the polarity you have chosen from the simulation. Be sure your poles represent a true polarity and that your cells contain at least 2-3 items each. I am looking for appropriately stated poles and correct application of upside and downside thinking to the map. Early Warnings and Action Steps can be added as labels, but the detail of each is not required on the map.
B. Explain the polarity dynamic of your map.
C. To draw the map, you may use the Table, Test Box, and/or Draw functions in Word.
3. Applying Polarity Management to your top management team.
A. How would you organize your discussion of the topic with the management team? Discuss the advantages and benefits of using Polarity Management to help the management team handle its challenges.

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The solution assists in understanding polarities and polarity management.

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? Generally speaking, polarity management is seen as a qualitative means to deal with competing solutions. According to Johnson many problems are not solved, but are rather managed. Rather than being either or, polarity management attempts to provide both and solutions. One of the objectives of polarity management is to move from win lose, or chose / don't chose to win / win, or to try to find a way to incorporate the benefits of both solutions.
? Typically, within polarity management two good competing solutions will be chosen. A table is formed with each solution option defined a box labeled benefits (positives) and another labeled expenses (negatives) If the solution is polar, then each solution should supply a different set of cost / benefits or positive / negative aspects. This will often help identify the problem as a true polarity problem.

You might consider formulating a problem that is simple and easy to demonstrate. Use a subject that you are comfortable describing. Let's try the example of cars.

Here is the polarity problem, a company has to buy cars for their sales staff. The question is, what is the best vehicles to buy? 5 years ago when fuel was 1.50 a gallon, the prestige of the SUV's sent a message that our company was rather successful, then when fuel prices hit 4.00 a gallon, we had to cut back on sales calls and use route planning software to minimize sales expenses. Now we are looking at buying new vehicles. The sales staff wants premium automobiles while finance and accounting says that we have to move to economy models.

Polarity Map

SUV's and Premium Automobiles Economy Vehicles
Pros Company Image
Resale value higher

Customer perceptions:
Big ...

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