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    Description of the Chromatography Technique

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    What is Chromatography?
    How do differences in polarity and molecular weight between amino acids affect migration in a mixture of proteins?

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    Chromatography is a technique that is used to separate a mixture of substances. The mixture that is to be separated is dissolved in a liquid called the mobile phase. The mobile phase is transported (usually by capillary action) through another material called the stationary phase. The separation of the constituents of the mobile phase is based on a number of factors.

    The separation of a mixture of amino acids in the mobile phase depends on the polarity and molecular weight of the individual amino acids.

    The amino acids will solubilize (dissolve) in ...

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    This question asks to describe a common molecular and biochemical technique. This technique is used to separate a mixture of amino acids. The solution describes the technique and explains why amino acids migrate differently based on polarity and molecular weight. The solution also provides two references used to come up with the answer. In addition the solution has two links to highly recommended background reading to help you understand this topic.