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    Affinity Chromatography

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    Affinity Chromatography.

    Please follow directions and problems attached in Word Doc 9. Word Doc 2 explains the procedure used.

    See attached file for full problem description.

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    1. Please describe in detail each of the wells (1-8) in the electrophoresis picture below? (There are 2 gels below. One of the gels in incorrect and one is correct. Please select the correct gel and describe each of the wells (1-8) in detail).

    Gel 2 is the correct one. Well #1 is the standard protein, previously isolated albumin, and is the positive control in the gels. This control shows where the protein should migrate on the gel. If known amount of the control protein is loaded, then it can also be used to estimate the yield of the purified albumin you isolated at the end of the purification. Well #2 is a sample of the serum before the purification procedure and shows that you do have quite a lot of the albumin in the serum, but there is also a lot of impurities, which you hope to get rid of by doing this affinity purification procedure. Well #3 is a sample ...