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    Isolating Con A receptor

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    Most membrane proteins including the Con-A receptor can be solubilized by treating cell membranes with a non-ionic detergent such as Triton X 100. You are given such a soluble preparation of erythrocyte proteins. Describe a single procedure that could be used to isolate the Con A Receptor from this preparation? Please explain.

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    Treatment of a cellular preparation with Triton X-100 will break apart the membrane and release all transmembrane proteins such as the Con-A receptor. To isolate the receptor in a single procedure (there are several older multi-step isolation methods that can easily by found by a Google search using the key words Con-A receptor isoation) I would recommend an affinity chromatography column. In ...

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    Discussion of a single procedure that can be used to isolate ConA, a transmembrane protein. Web links included.