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    Hypothethical grant proposal experiements

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    This is not real, but mearly a non-fiction scenario: In isolating a novel protein from th esynapse of a cocroach that I have discovered, I get to name it too. Using immunohistochemistry, I determine that the chemical is found in axon terminals. Thus, I suspect that it might have something t do with synaptic release of vessicles. Like all scientists, I am poor and must write grants to make a livivng. Identify TWO experiments that can be put into a grant proposal that would prove conclusivity that "synaptoraoch" is essential in synapse physiology.

    Please offer any feedback - if you feel that I haven't explained the question well enough, or if you aren't certain what I am looking for, please let me know. I am looking for help getting started on this and am hoping that you can provide some guidance.

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    You can first try to identify the chemical by spectroscopy (like mass spectroscopy) to determine what it is. Once you have identified the chemical, you can try to get it synthesized or try to purify it from cell extracts.
    Once you have this chemical, you can add it to neural cell cultures and see ...