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Enantiomers and Order of Elution

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The enantiomers (R and S forms) of the following chiral alcohols need to be separated by a suitable CHIRAL SEPARATION method. What is a reasonable approach that will yield the separations of the two isomeric alcohols and their enantiomers. Rationalizing the approach used on the basis of chiral recognition mechanism. What will be the order of elution?

1. 1-phenyl-1-propanol
2. 2-phenyl-1-propanol

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This solution describes in 303 words how to find the order of enantiomers through transformation and the four steps of the chiral recognition mechanism.

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Since enantiomers are physically identical, the strategy here is to convert the enantiomers, even momentarily, into diasteromers which can then be resolved either by chromatography or crystallization. Since the question asks about order of elution, I would assume the focus here would be on chiral columns and how they form diasteromers with the two enantiomers. An enantiomerically pure compound is covalently attached to a solid support. The racemic mixture is ...

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