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    Solubility: Water, Hexane, Ethanol, Ether, Heptane, Ect.

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    Could you please help me with the following chemistry questions?:

    1) Rank them in order of relative solubility(1: most soluble, 3: least soluble)
    1. Ethanol in Water? in Hexane?
    2. Diethyl ether in Water? in hexane?
    3. Heptane in water? in Hexane?

    2) When mixed water and ether (diethyl ether), why two layers will form? Which layer will be top layer why?

    3) When mixed with water and dichoromethane(CH2CL2), two layer also form why? and which layer will be top and why?

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    1.) Rule: "Like dissolves like"

    Solubility in Water:
    1 - Ethanol (most soluble)
    2 - Diethyl ether
    3 - Heptane

    *Water (H2O) is a polar solvent. Hence, the most polar solute will be the most soluble in water.

    Solubility in Hexane
    1 - Heptane (most soluble)
    2 - Diethyl ether
    3 - Ethanol

    *Hexane (C6H14) is a non-polar ...

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    In this solution we answer a series of organic chemistry questions regarding solubility. These include questions related to relative solubility and the mixing of compounds and elements.