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Chemical Bonding and States of Matter

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Please help with the 6 questions below.

1. The structural formula for ethanol, the alcohol in alcoholic beverages. Give the total number of:
| |
H -C - C - O - H
| |
(a) valence electrons,
(b) single bonds, and
(c) bonding pairs of electrons.
How many extra pairs of electrons are left?
What are these called, and where should they be placed in the structural formula?

2. Explain why the pressure of the atmosphere decreases with increasing altitude

3. Draw a structure showing four water molecules bonded to a central water molecule by means of hydrogen bonding. Indicate all the hydrogen bonds by drawing arrows to them.

4. Why are gases compressible, whereas liquids and solids are not?

5. Victims of carbon monoxide poisoning are placed in a hyperbaric chamber where the pressure is raised above 1 atm and a richer oxygen environment exists. If the pressure is raised from 1 atm to 3 atm, what will be the proportional change in oxygen solubility in blood? Use Henryâ??s law and assume blood behaves like water.

6. Predict the boiling point for octane, C8H18, using the observed boiling points for the similar hydrocarbons hexane, C6H14; 68.7°C; heptane, C7H16; 98.4°C; and nonane, C9H20; 150.8°C.

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Answers to questions 1 and 3 are attached. The rest are below:

Q2) Atmospheric pressure at any given point has to do with the 'weight' of the air above that point. So as you increase the altitude there will be less air above you and weight of air becomes less ...

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The solution discusses chemical bonding and states of matter.

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