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State the type of bonding that is present in barium chloride,BaCl2(2 should be subscript- low down , can't do it in this program), giving your reasons in two or three senttences, using arguments based on electronegatives.

Also, give an explanation using electron stuctures, of the way in which the type of bonding explains the chemical formula of the compound (a few sentences)

Thank you

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The solution covers ionic bonding and electrostatic interactions, using the example of barium chloride. The electron structures and an explanation in terms of the formula is also given.

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Barium chloride,BaCl2 is an ionic compound. The type of bonding in it is IONIC.

In this, one type of atom strips at least one valence electron from the other atom, creating ions of opposite charges. These two oppositely charged atoms are held together by an ELECTROSTATIC INTERACTION, an attraction between oppositely charged particles.

Chlorine has high electronegativity and hence has a tendency to accept electrons ...

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