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Marketing for Wal-Mart: Strategy for Developing Relationships with Customers

We all understand the importance of keeping customers happy. After all, brand loyalty does drive customer retention and repurchase and therefore increases a company's revenues.

Select a company that you think has a good strategy for developing relationships with their customers.I would like my company to be Walmart. Describe and critique the company's strategy for developing relationships with customers. The critique should begin with a discussion of the programs that are currently in place. At a minimum, consider policies for:

* Handling customer complaints
* Providing information about new or existing products
* Placing orders
* Receiving any other feedback from customers
* Tracking an order

The analysis should then discuss what is good about the policies and what needs to be improved. The final section should include recommendations for improvements. Using the appropriate strategies from the textbook, discuss how the company can build customer relationships and/or capture value from customers. Suggest strategies that are not already in use.

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Wal-Mart: Marketing Strategies

Most of the companies use a comprehensive marketing planning process, which provides various benefits to the company such as greater customer satisfaction, a large market share, a strong image & goodwill, brand name, etc. (Kotler, 2002). Wal-Mart is one of the biggest retail companies in United States of America. Wal-Mart stores Inc. is in the retail industry offering products like discount stores, neighborhood markets, super centers in neighborhood markets and a warehouse membership of Sam' club in the United States, as well as walmart.com. In its international operations, it is considered to be a variety of stores (Company History, 2008).

The policies and programs of the company are very effective and attractive to satisfy the customers and fulfill their requirements and demands. The main aim of Wal-Mart is to provide luxury services within reasonable prices to the customers so that the middle class people can enjoy a luxury and premium life style. In order to satisfy the customers, the company has implemented various programs and procedures such as handling customer complaints, creating awareness among all the customers about the products, tracking an order, feedback of customers, etc. (Bianco, et al., 2003).

In order to handle the complaints of the customers and give a quick response towards their ...

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A strategy for developing relationships with customers is created. WalMart is the company used for the analysis.