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    Nationwide Establishment: Benefits of Customer Loyalty

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    Without establishing customer loyalty, a company's chances of success may diminish. What do we as consumers look for in a restaurant, store, or company that keeps us coming back time and time again?

    For this project, need to select a nationwide establishment. It can be supermarket super store, gas station, full-service restaurant Example (International House of Pancakes, Red Lobster Restaurant, Wal-Mart Stores, Target Stores, Walgreens, etc: that you, me or others frequent. Please do not use a fast food restaurant.

    PART 1:
    1. Analyze what experience(s) makes you me other others loyal customers?
    2. How does the store keep you, me or others satisfied? Provide examples.

    PART 2:
    Discuss why at least 2 other people may also be loyal customers of the type of establishments described above (it does not have to be the same store).

    Describe the way they may have became loyal.
    Describe why they would or do frequent that store vs. the competition.
    Compare and contrast the experiences between the different people
    What makes a loyal customer

    Paper should be written in first person; this means words like 'I' and 'we' are inappropriate.

    Assignment should contain a cover page, an abstract page and a reference page (optional) in addition to the body.

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    Customer Loyalty


    This paper discuses the importance of customer loyalty in the success of an organization. It elaborates the experiences of customers at different stores. Customer's loyalty for the Wal-Mart and Tesco is described in this paper. Many factors affect the customer loyalty like value added services, customer services, CRM etc. Apart from this, it also describes the strategies that the firms follow to make a customer loyal.


    Customer loyalty plays an important role in the success of an organization. Customer loyalty can be judged through the frequent purchasing by the customers for particular products. Quality of product plays an important role in making customer loyal for the products (Tschohl, 2002). Wal-Mart store and Tesco store are selected to elaborate experiences regarding the customer loyalty.

    Part 1

    Wal-Mart is a leading grocery retail store (About Wal-Mart). It focuses to maintain relationship with its customer. Wal-Mart follows low price strategy to retain as well as acquire new customers. Loyalty of customers' enhances through the good treatment or the way of tackle to the customers (Bergdahl, 2006). Many practices and strategies of Wal-Mart help to me and others to become a loyal customer. My and others experiences at Wal-Mart Store are good. Wal-Mart's programs for the customer's retention are well planned that attract us towards its stores (About Wal-Mart).

    Divided division of departments is a good tactic of Wal-Mart that makes me and others a loyal customer. With the help of its divisions, I and other people can purchase the products easily. I feel great for the purchasing environment at the stores of Wal-Mart that is good (Tschohl, 2002). Customer service desk solves the problems of the customers. Quality products at low price attract me and other people to go for frequent purchase at Wal-Mart Stores. Extra benefits like special offers at the product make me as well as other people loyal towards Wal-Mart Store (About Wal-Mart).

    Satisfactory Practices
    There are lots of things that make me and others satisfied at the stores of Wal-Mart. For example, reward system for the frequent purchaser is a good strategy of Wal-Mart to boost and motivate the customers for frequent purchasing. Stores of Wal-Mart follow many efforts to satisfy its customers. It provides the online purchasing facilities as well as home delivery without taking any extra charge that is also a satisfaction factor. Through online purchasing, it is easy for me and other customers to locate the store position and ensure a delivery time of purchased products that is also a satisfactory factor. We enjoy the ...

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