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Creating a fictional student with autism

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Develop a fictional student with autism (Grade 5). Describe the student (Age, sex, disability, level of functioning, strengths and weaknesses, etc.), and write three goals for each supplemental service/party listed below.

1. Transition services
2. Occupational therapy
3. Assistive technology
4. Vocational training agencies

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I want to go over a particular case of a 5th grade student with Autism.

James has been a valuable part of the student body at the school since the second grade. He is male, 10 years old, and exhibits a high level of functioning. As an autistic child, however, he prefers to be by himself and does not interact well at all with other children. He allows his teachers to interact with him, but if he feels at all threatened, he will turn inwards and stop responding. His interaction with his classmates is a bit more troubling. While James has not yet exhibited physical violence with other students in the class, he has become more and more aggressive during the recent school year. As far as strengths go, James has many. He is incredibly bright and is performing well in all of his academic subjects, save for English and writing courses. He uses manipulatives well and can design scale models of nearly any project. He is particular in mathematics and the sciences.

As a special needs student, James must receive certain services and treatment plans must be written in accordance with IDEA legislation. His parents are ...

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